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What people are saying about Ken Larson and Champion Performance Systems Inc.

On Coaching… 

"The staff that attended Ken's workshop all agreed that it was one of the best sessions they have been to. One long term employee (25 years in fact) stated that it was the best he's seen in his career to date! Not only were Ken's presentations exceptional; he is a very down to earth man with a remarkable presence. Not only would I recommend Ken to another, we are hoping to have him back very soon!"

 Melonie Doucette
Alberta Employment and Immigration

“Ken’s overall knowledge was obvious, but it was his enthusiasm, intensity and genuine care that were truly impressive. I gained a great deal of inspiration and personal motivation. Today, friends, family and team-mates are struggling to believe I am the same person.”

Lisa Thody
Q-Lab Systems

“It is difficult to say in writing all the benefits that our whole family has seen since we have communicated with Ken. The relationship started out as professional, but turned into a friendship.”

David Bonvie

“Ken’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. He taught me the value of the coach’s coach which redirected my own ongoing self-development strategies.”

Val Johnson
HR Edge

“Ken facilitates transformational learning. He doesn’t provide answers; he simply asks the right questions. You walk away with a better understanding of yourself.”

Sean McLean
Conroy Ross Partners

“I now operate with greater control and have created a personal strategic plan which creates solid foundations for an ongoing process of self leadership.”

Jerry Laird
Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan

“Ken is one of the brightest and most inspirational forces in our lives.”

Troy & Bonnie Sirett
Sirett Land Services

“Ken provided me with the tools that I needed to confidently inspire tens of thousands of Canadians with my Olympic Story.”

Kyle Shewfelt
Olympic Gold Medalist

“Ken helped me rediscover the most important areas in my life and provided me with the tools to enjoy them. The time I spent with Ken has proven to be invaluable.”

Ron Jarrett
Mission Fitness

“Ken was referred to me at a time in my life that was as challenging as any I have ever had. He was very instrumental in helping me to get on a better path and I started to make some life altering changes that have led me to a point two years later where I am the happiest that I have even been.”

Gary Nissen
Dome Britannia Properties Inc.



On Training, Facilitation & Workshops…

“Ken was inspirational, educational, motivating and a great team builder. He did a fantastic job in a fun, flexible and enthusiastic manner. He definitely made a difference with our team.”

Adam Seston

Ken is an effective instructor who is organized and prepared for his workshops and presentations. He brings enthusiasm, energy, focus and knowledge to his work that enhances learning for all participants. His experience in athletics, coaching and teaching are assets he brings to any situation.”

Don Watts
Mount Royal College
Department of Physical Education

“Ken did an exceptional job as our facilitator. We came away with a clear sense of direction and most importantly, we became a team.”

Susan Klassen
Grant MacEwan College



On Keynote Presentations…

"Thank you for being such a memorable part of our conference. Your Keynote presentation, "Inspirationship", was thought provoking and challenged us to consider our unlimited possibilities. Sharing your personal stories enabled our delegates to understand, firsthand, the power of being inspired by those around us. Your warmth, humor and engaging personality far exceeded 5'21"."

Tracy and Shelley
The National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada

“His presentation was professional, powerful and poignant. His personal story and professionalism motivated all that heard his tale. He is a genuine person in every sense.”

Tamara Beaton
Pemberton High School

“In December 2006, Ken Larson gave his "Life is a Pile of Should™" presentation to approximately 50 of our employees. This was not only the best turnout we had to any of our lunch and learn sessions, but I also had more positive feedback on this presentation then I have received on any of our other lunch and learn speakers. Employees continue to ask when Ken is coming back and I even had a senior staff suggest to a more junior employee, who is struggling with confidence and presentation skills that they think of working with Ken as a mentor and coach. We will definitely have Ken back to do more sessions.”

Tannis Harper
PrimeWest Energy

“The response was outstanding. Ken’s message was right on and impacted us all deeply.”

Grant Hunter
The Home Hunters

“Ken has been a keynote/lunchtime speaker for our Finance Leadership teams, including our CFO, and spoken to our new grads and their supervisors about career planning and management as well as our engineers at their annual forum. He received top marks on all occasions.”

Vicki Reid
EnCana Corporation

“Suffice to say, you are excellent at what you do and we appreciate the genuine love, humility, kindness and humor with which you deliver it.”

Betty Harrison
Ministry of Advanced Education
Province of Alberta

The following expressions are from just some of the participants who attended Ken Larson’s keynote presentation at the Alberta Government Restructuring & Efficiency event titled “Better Together – Begins with You”…

  • "Highly motivational and he takes everyday life situations and experiences and makes them real so that everyone can relate. He makes you want to sit up and take notice and to want to do all those 'shoulds'."

  • "I liked Ken's approach to dealing with "shoulds" and it helped to hear from someone else that my brain is not failing because I can only deal with a limited number of urgent issues at once!"

  • "He used humor and life experiences to get his points across and I found that his energy energized me. I would definitely go to another session where he was speaking."

  • "This was the highlight of the event….. He was fabulous."

  • "What a dynamic speaker! Good practical ideas and entertaining as well." 

  • "He was easy to listen to, was humorous, made a whole lot of sense and I could relate to whatever he said. He was the best part of the whole day."

  • "Ken tells it like it is with serious thought but yet with humor. Please BRING HIM BACK next year!!!"

  • "Ken simplified issues we think are complicated and gave me a fresh perspective on my work and personal life."

  • "Ken seemed to identify with the group right away and find a common ground that made it easy for myself and others to get a hold of the problems and complications in our lives and find motivation - no, INSPIRATION - to do something better for ourselves, mentally and physically, as well as in our work and personal lives."

  • "Ken's presentation rekindled the spirit of "NOW!" in me, reminded me of the importance of a personal vision (clarity!), of setting priorities (focus!), and of knowing who and what inspires me. I loved the "INSPIRATION!"

  • "Great Interactive Presenter" 

  • "He made you feel how important it is to take care of yourself first……then you can give to others…..in our busy life we forget the importance of ourselves. He was great……very relaxing and wish he would have had a longer session……bring him back for future events"

Courtesy of Leanne Bruce 
Corporate Human Resources 
Restructuring and Government Efficiency
Province of Alberta

The following expressions are from just some of the participants who attended Ken Larson’s keynote presentation to the Association of Director's of Volunteer Resources…

  • "I enjoyed Ken's presentation. It's always great to hear someone who is full of enthusiasm and positive thoughts."

  • "Ken's presentation was a reminder to all of us to follow our instincts and do what we feel is right at that particular time - "Be true to yourself!".

  • "I thought Ken was terrific - and his message was relevant not only to the volunteers and staff, but for our clients too!"

  • "Ken’s message and delivery style are both entertaining and relevant, his story-telling approach caught my attention, and his jokes kept me in stitches."

Courtesy of Stephanie Smith
Association of Director's of Volunteer Resources

“Ken’s enthusiasm and larger than life personality caught everyone’s attention as he taught us to be Ultimate Stress Warriors. As I watched the expressions on everyone’s face as he delivered his message, it was evident that it was a success. He not only changed the perception of stress to a positive one, his energy inspired everyone to challenge life’s stressful situations by using his techniques. I was impressed by the way that Ken customized his presentation so that it was relative to the stress faced in our industry and the deadline driven atmosphere that the production accountant faces every day. I left the room feeling invigorated and with an inviting attitude towards stress, whether it’s work related or personal. I look forward to this year’s CAPPA Conference as Ken returns to increase our awareness. I am sure that it will even more entertaining and informative than last year.”

Lisa Materi
Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accounting

“I would like to personally thank you on behalf of the World Health Club Management, ownership and staff. Your outgoing personality and dynamic presentation was truly remarkable. Your message definitely INSPIRED all of us to strive to become the leaders in educated fitness and customer experiences.”

Scott Wildeman
World Health Club




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