Ronna Schneberger an executive wellness coach

Ronna Schneberger

Ronna Schneberger is an executive wellness coach with 15 years of leadership development experience. She has woven her past profession as a hiking guide, yoga & meditation teacher, master storyteller and naturalist with professional coaching to create a deeply restorative experience. She specializes in helping executives re-group and re-calibrate after stressful events or burnout so they can reclaim a sense of calm, increased energy, clear-headed thinking, and better decision making.  

Ten years ago, she experienced severe burn out and turned to nature to help her recover. She intuitively knew that nature was the perfect place to recover from physiological and cognitive stress, after her recovery she learned about the wide body of research and experience supporting the importance of nature in recovering from stress. 

Ronna studied and trained with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) and is now one of the trainers for the ANFT.   She has seen firsthand and through the experience of many others that nature is the perfect place to recover from burn out or stressful events (or better yet… prevent burnout). Her unique approach uses proven techniques to help reset the brain and nervous system, lowers stress hormones, decreases blood pressure, heart rate and improves clarity of thinking.

Areas of Expertise Include:
  • Facilitating a full mind and body reset while in natural places
  • Leading leadership retreats
  • Nature and Forest Therapy
  • Wilderness guiding
  • Professional wellness coaching that helps support lifestyle changes which include mindfulness and exploring perspectives

When she is not guiding or coaching, you will find her with her husband and two teenagers in Canmore XC skiing, cycling, canoeing, hiking, and crocheting.