The Power of Triads

WHO SAYS THREE’S A CROWD? When one person is assigned a task, there is only so much learning, homework, and research that one person can do on their own. As hard as they may try, they only have their own perspective. They are limited to a singular perspective. When an additional perspective is added to […]

The Rite of Passage All Business Leaders Should Undergo

I often facilitate an exercise with my business coaching clients where I break them up into groups. I ask the hard questions, and then urge them to spend time answering individually, privately. Sometimes, ‘groupthink’ isn’t the answer. Here’s what this exercise may look like. Follow along, and answer the questions for your own business – […]

Podcast: Leaders Must Get in Position to be in Position

As a guest on the Manager Mojo podcast with Steve Caldwell, Ken Larson shares his best business advice on the step-by-step process setting yourself up for success as a great leader. [mk_audio mp3_file=”” ogg_file=”” thumb=”” audio_author=”Steve Caldwell with Ken Larson”] Steve: [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to The Manage Your Mojo Show; Steve Caldwell here and […]