Family Enterprise Services

Protect Your Family Legacy

Is your family-owned business facing challenges or concerns?

A few signs that you may benefit from family enterpise services are you:

Family businesses often face internal challenges and conflict.
Family enterprise services can help with succession planning, build healthier relationships and more.

What to expect from our family enterprise services:

Through planning, execution and reflection our family business consultants will help protect your legacy. You can expect:

How We Help Your Family Business Thrive

Schedule An Introductory Call

Every family business has a unique situation and set of needs. We will take the time to get to know you and your business to make sure we are a right fit for you. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

Create Strategies And Implement Them

We will help you align your company with your vision and values. Your family business will continue to see better communication, internal alignment and overall more productivity.

Drive The Business Forward

By preparing your business for the future, you will have more time and energy spending time growing the business. Our family enterprise services will gift you with peace of mind that your family's legacy will prosper.

We have Scaling Up Certified Family Enterprise Coaches.

This means that we are certified to deliver The Scaling Up™ methodology, tools, and processes. This framework has been used by some of the world's most successful companies, and we believe it can be equally effective for businesses of all sizes. 

Coaches are required to go through a very rigorous certification process and meet twice per year, exchanging best practices and networking — only medical doctors are required to meet more hours of recertification every year.

This partnership ensures that all of our clients receive the very best coaching in the industry. Scaling Up™ certified coaches are up to date on the latest tools, world class best practices, and processes. We stay current through communication with the leadership team at Scaling Up™ and have access to cutting edge tools. We are also connected to the coach’s network in Alberta as well as regionally and worldwide.

Who We've Worked With

We’ve been working with CEOs, Executives, and Business Owners for 30 years and have delivered world class Executive coaching services to hundreds of businesses, including the following:

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What People Are Saying

Ken Larson presented a key note at the Glencoe Golf & Country Club annual supervisors retreat in March 2013. His presentation was inspirational, thought provoking and engaging. He was very highly rated by all attendees, a great way to start our golf season! Ken has a unique ability to apply humour and stories to help bring the message home. I highly recommend Ken as a key note speaker.
Greg Lundmark
Professional Private Club Executive/Manager
I have been working with Ken for the past 5 years as my personal business coach. I have found his frank approach and discipline at keeping me on task and accountable to in valuable as we work to get the right people in the right places.
Jerry Gunn
CEO, Precision Giant Systems Inc.
Ken understands the business world. He learns the business from the bottom up and at the same time works with the CEO from the top down. He helps get employees and management on the same page, share the same values, mission and action plan to move the organization from Good to Great. With his help we were able to weather the 2009 financial storm without losing any employees or business. On the contrary we were able to grow and hire during the downturn in economy. He is my career and business coach.
David Wallach
President/Founder, Triumph Real Estate Investment Fund

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Enterprise Coaching

Family enterprise services are designed to help business families navigate the unique challenges they face. These services can include business coaching, succession planning, and conflict resolution. The goal of family enterprise services is to help business owners and their families navigate the challenges of running a business and to preserve the legacy of the business for future generations.

In short, a family enterprise specialist can be an invaluable asset for any family business owner. As a business owner/manager you have a lot on your plate.  A family enterprise specialist can help to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Family enterprise specialists help family businesses with succession planning, family dynamics, and family communication. They work with the family to develop a plan for how the business will be passed down to future generations, how family members can best work together, and how to resolve any conflicts that may arise. They also help families communicate their goals and values to all members of the family, so that everyone is on the same page.

By taking advantage of family enterprise services, families can ensure that their businesses are well-positioned for long-term success. They can help family businesses to establish and maintain best practices in governance, family communication, and succession planning. Additionally, family enterprise services can provide education and resources to family members who are interested in working in the business. Finally, family enterprise coaches can offer support to family businesses during times of transition, such as when a family member dies or when the business is sold. 

Family enterprise services can vary in cost depending on the family business’ needs. Other factors that can play a role in the total cost include: the size of the family enterprise and the complexity of the business. Investing in family enterprise services plays an important role in supporting the long-term stability and success of family businesses.

When looking for a family enterprise specialist you want a well rounded, knowledgeable, and experienced coach who can offer a variety of services. Additionally, you want a family enterprise specialist who can provide confidential, unbiased advice and support.

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