Who We Are

Who We Are

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The Story

There is something to learn from every person you meet, and sometimes, you meet someone who has a monumental effect on your life. For Ken Larson, founder of Champion Performance Systems, it was his National Team basketball coach.

When we find someone we look up to, we are challenged, encouraged, and inspired. In admiring how someone could impact him so much, Ken realized his growing passion to ride shotgun with amazing high performers as they break through to new levels of achievement, just as his coach did for him.

The rest is history — Champion PSI is approaching its 21st year in business, though the concept was inspired long before in those unforgettable, defining moments on the court.

Today, Champion PSI has grown from one to a collection of like-minded professionals with varied expertise and a wide range of personal and professional fields, all driven by one prevailing goal: to coach you and your team to greater heights.

Ken Larson

Meet the Team

  • Ken Larson

    Ken’s passion is to ride shotgun with amazing high performers as they breakthrough to new levels.

  • Connie Agnew

    Connie is committed to creating solutions to enhance the community.

The Champion Coaches

  • Abhay Sisodiya

    Through 23 years of strategy and leadership roles, Abhay’s expertise is in coaching, strategic planning, and 360 Assessments.

  • Nick Scott

    Nick helps clients to identify key opportunities so they can quickly capitalize on them and deliver exceptional results.

  • Douglas Bouey

    Doug is a coaching and facilitation veteran, recognized as such on a world basis by Vistage/TEC.

  • Marvelee Papaloukas

    Marvelee works with game-changing global leaders and helps embed innovative best practices into all levels of a company.

  • Rick Moore

    A veteran of 35 years in business with a demonstrated history of working with management teams, private and public.

Other Coaches we Work With

  • Richard Holbrook

    Rick specializes in working with leadership teams who are striving to improve and grow their business.

  • Richard Boyer, CA

    Richard is a CA and has more than 25 years of experience in various leadership roles in both public and private enterprises.

  • Alana Newton

    Alana Newton is an experienced, high-spirited coach who is passionate about helping people who are looking for transformation.

What We Believe

Attitude is everything

Developing an open and positive mindset, setting the stage for growth and success. Strategic optimism rules.

The Wisdom Is Within

Excavating inner knowing, intuition and experience, getting you into position to make the best decisions possible. You know you know this.

Constant Learning

Relentlessly seeking knowledge, acumen and experience to expand and enhance a foundation of intelligence and expertise. Learn… or die.

Get Selfish

Taking care of ourselves first, appropriately, so that we can be our very best selves as leaders. Get into position.

Perception Is Reality

Doing what is necessary to open to, gain access to, and assess all angles, viewpoints and opinions. All views matter.

Full Contact Connection

Getting real, digging deeper in a sometimes uncomfortable fashion, revealing truths.  No pads allowed.

Clarity Is King

Discovering and embracing what is real with maximum accuracy and precision. Be constantly curious.

The Simple Zone

Distilling multiple complexities down to actionable focus, maximizing traction, momentum and results. But… not too simple.

Account Ability

Creating and embedding systems, processes and tools designed to fundamentally eliminate the risk of failure.  No hiding allowed.

What People Are Saying

  • Ken made significant contributions to the success of a quality initiative within the Canadian energy pipeline industry in 2014 and this success has continued into 2015 with even lofty plans well under way. Ken brings unique perspectives, the ability to draw out fantastic insights from people by asking thought provoking questions, a 'winning' attitude focused on achieving excellence and a vast tool kit that allows him to flex and adapt to any situation. It has been a pleasure to continue to work with Ken as he has the right approach when it comes to developing long lasting relationships based on honoring commitments and driving for sustainable results.

    Vik Kohli Director, Enbridge
  • The members of the SHCA are very passionate about the work they do! Everyone knows that in Saskatchewan, "if the earth moved, it was us!" Ken's presentation on inspiring your employees instead of simply settling for momentary motivation really resonated with many in the room. Ken's ability to connect with his audience through his personal stories really takes the listener to the next level and forces you to take a look at areas you want to improve upon personally, and/or professionally. We'd definately use Ken again for another event and/or one on one coaching! He's a top quality presenter!!

    Shantel Lipp President, Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association
  • I have been working with Ken for approximately for a year and have found him to be an excellent resource for addressing professional and personal issues and opportunities. Ken is an extremely focused individual and takes an action-oriented approach that delivers results. We have leveraged his abilities from a corporate perspective, specifically the FranklinCovey and Gazelle programs, with considerable success and intend to utilize his talents in the future to assist in the development of our business initiatives and corporate culture.

    Peter Huff

We are certified in and utilize these organizations to support us and our clients: