Executive Wellness Coaching

Regroup, Reenergize, Recalibrate

Are you struggling with burnout or stress?

You might be in need of executive wellness coaching if you are experiencing:

Executive wellness coaching is a great solution for leaders facing burnout and stress.

What to expect from executive wellness coaching:

This process facilitates a full mind and body reset while in natural places. Reset through leadership retreats, forest and nature therapy, and wilderness guiding. You can expect:

How To Reset, Regroup & Recalibrate

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Stress and burnout is something every executive faces at some point. We will explore your unique challenges and create a plan to help you recover from and prevent burnout.

Reset Mind & Body

Our coaches help you reclaim a sense of calm while submersed in nature. Our proven techniques to help reset the brain & nervous system, lower stress, and improve clarity of thinking.

Experience Restoration

After a deep reset, you will be in a better position to reach your fullest potential and lead your company to greater heights. Expect to increase your performance after regrouping and recalibrating.

Who We've Worked With

We’ve been working with CEOs, Executives, and Business Owners for 30 years and have delivered world class Executive coaching services to hundreds of businesses, including the following:

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What People Are Saying

I first saw Ken Larson at a conference where he was speaking. His energy, approach and insight left a lasting impression. So much so that I engaged him as a personal coach. Ken helped me create a personal value and mission statement that I use to this day. These statements continue to guide me in my goal setting and in priority setting activities. Through the coaching process Ken helped guide me through the tough self work needed to get clarity on what is truly most important to me. It wasn't easy but with his help I arrived at a great result. I would happily recommend Ken to anyone looking for a personal Coach to help them with career and life direction decisions.
Conn Nicoll
Director Security Services, TELUS
After hearing Ken Larson speak about coaching and seeing the passion, drive and focus with which he operates, I decided that when I needed a coach, it would be Ken. I have been working with Ken as a coach for close to a year. He has guided me through a major personal and career transition in a way that was both challenging and re-energizing. I truly value his ability to ask the tough questions and make sure they are thoroughly and thoughtfully answered. I highly recommend Ken as a coach.
Margaret Miyagishima
CEC, PCC, Executive Coach and Facilitator
Ken was instrumental in assisting our organization define a strong culture which is deeply rooted in everything we do today. Ken also facilitates a "Life Coaching for Fitness Professionals" program that is one of the best received courses on our schedule. We have had many employees take the course more than once. I would recommend Ken to assist with a company looking to build a strong people related culture.
Scott Wildeman
Sr. VP Operations, International Fitness Holdings Inc

Frequently Asked Questions About Executive Wellness Coaching

Executive wellness coaching provides professionals with the mindset, resources, and tools to balance their executive career with personal health and wellbeing. This type of transformative process is aimed at reducing and preventing burn out for leaders and providing them with a renewed sense of focus, clarity and calm.

Executive wellness coaching is highly beneficial for anyone who is in a leadership role, or aspires to become a leader. Any one who is struggling with stress, memory and attention, low energy or burnout can benefit from this transformative process.

Executive wellness coaching covers many different specialties but a few primary areas of focus include:

  • Facilitating a full mind and body reset while in natural places
  • Leading leadership retreats
  • Nature and Forest Therapy
  • Wilderness guiding
  • Professional wellness coaching that helps support lifestyle changes which include mindfulness and exploring perspectives

Executive wellness coaching can provide executive level professionals with personalized support, helping those in high-pressure positions to manage stress and prioritize their well-being. The coach plays the role of an impartial listener, teacher, and accountability partner as they help individuals navigate day-to-day challenges that stand in the way of healthy habits. In short, executive wellness coaches offer numerous benefits for executive level professionals looking for guidance on how to achieve their mental & physical health and performance goals.

An executive wellness coach is an invaluable asset, enabling performance-driven individuals to eliminate fatigue, reduce stress and boost executive resilience. These specialized coaches can range in price depending on the program they offer and the length of the program. Investing in an executive wellness coach can have profound returns that far surpass its cost.

Finding a quality executive wellness coach to help you reach and maintain your necessary wellness goals is an important endeavor. A good executive wellness coach should understand the overall psychological and organizational needs of the executive position, be capable of providing valuable knowledge and advice for dealing with stress, have the ability to establish actionable goals, and develop meaningful strategies for supportive living.

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