9 Essential Characteristics that Make an Excellent Business Coach

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Starting and running a business takes a lot of hard work. Having a solid business idea, a well-crafted business plan, and some initial funding are all essential for getting a business off the ground. That’s just the start, though. Entrepreneurs need ambition, drive, and an ability to adapt. They can also benefit from working with a business coach. 

If you’re looking to start or grow your business, a business coach — also called an entrepreneur coach — can be exceptionally beneficial. A business coach can provide you with advice, direction, and assistance in setting goals and working to achieve them. A good coach can also ask the tough questions designed to help you get under the surface.They can help you focus, make better business decisions, and improve your success. 

When it comes to business coaching, however, not all coaches are the same. Some are better than others, which is mostly due to your needs. If you’re going to be investing your time and money in someone, you’ll need someone who can help you succeed. Several key characteristics make an excellent business coach. Here’s what you should be looking for when searching for professional assistance and advice. 

1. They’re an Expert in Their Particular Field

Any business coach you hire should have expertise in their particular field. They’re well-versed in a specific area of business and offer their services to entrepreneurs looking to improve upon that area of their own businesses. 

An entrepreneur, for instance, might need help figuring out an effective digital or social media marketing strategy. A knowledgeable business coach can offer the kind of insight and advice that helps that entrepreneur decide on a plan that works best, enabling them to grow their business and increase their success. 

When looking for a business coach, take a look at what services the individual offers. Be wary of anyone who has an exceptionally long list. Instead, consider focusing on coaches who have a shorter, more specialized list of services, in relation to your perceived needs.

2. They Have Real-World Experience

A quality business coach has plenty of real-world experience, and they’re ready and willing to share that experience with ambitious entrepreneurs such as yourself. When checking out a potential coach’s resume, take note of what they’ve accomplished throughout their career. At the same time, look to see if those accomplishments align with what you’re looking to do. 

Some of the best business coaches haven’t necessarily succeeded with every single thing they’ve done, at least not at first. They’ve had some failures along the way, too. They’ve learned from those failures and used them to grow. Their unique insights offer excellent learning opportunities and can help you avoid similar mistakes. 

In addition to checking out a potential business coach’s resume, ask for testimonials or references from past mentees. You can also check out reviews online to see what past clients have to say about a particular individual. 

3. They Know People

The best business coaches don’t operate alone. They know others in their industry and have long-standing relationships with them. In many cases, they can help you make connections with those individuals, too. In other words, a business coach is a great networking resource. 

How exactly can those connections help? As outsiders, they can identify gaps in the leadership of your business and offer fresh perspectives, ideas, and inspiration. This kind of insight can help you see unique opportunities you might not have noticed before and contribute to the growth of your business.

4. They Enjoy Teaching and Learning

5. They’re There When You Need Them

You work with a business coach so that you can learn from them. While they may not be the perfect teacher, a great coach enjoys helping others by sharing what they know. They don’t hold back. They’ll share their successes and how they achieved them. They’ll also share their failures and what they learned from their experiences. These learnings, shared from a mentorship perspective, can be awfully powerful.

Great business coaches also enjoy learning. Along with learning about your business, they also need to keep up with their own professional growth and development. The world of business moves quickly, and things change frequently. Investing in their own knowledge helps them to stay on top of the latest trends, which also benefits you.

If you feel like a potential entrepreneur coach is keeping things from you or isn’t invested in learning about your company or your professional needs, you might want to continue your search.

Your business coach should be available when you need them. They should be able to work with you to customize a program that works for you, define your goals, develop effective strategies, and boost your productivity. While you can’t expect them to be available 24/7, they should have the time to devote to you and your business when you need them most.

When you’re actively searching for business coaching, ask potential coaches about their schedules. You need to know that they have the time for you. If they’re trying to squeeze you in between all of their other commitments, they might not be the right fit. You can’t rush the process or expect to accomplish much in extremely limited blocks of time. A business coach might not have the entire day available, but there should be some alignment between their schedule and yours. That way, you can take the time to plan effectively. 

Along with having the availability to give your business the attention it deserves, your business coach should be there when you need them. If you make appointments to meet with them for coaching, they should attend. If they can’t make it, they should contact you right away, just as you should do for them. You should also have a reliable way to get in contact with them and get a response in a reasonable amount of time, whether that’s by phone, text, or email. 

6. They’re Patient but Persistent

Any business coach you work with should be able to see the big picture. They’ve seen and experienced a lot during their career, after all. Given this, they should have a good attitude in any situation, knowing that things might not always work out as planned — and that’s okay. Should something go awry, your business coach can get you back on track and help you learn from the experience. 

More importantly, the best business coaches are patient, determined, and persistent. If something goes wrong or you don’t understand something right away, they don’t get upset about it. Instead, they encourage you and provide you with constructive criticism when necessary. 

7. They Set Expectations

Just as you have expectations about your business coach, they should set expectations for you. They’ll work with you to create a timeline of what you need to do and what they need from you. Those expectations can give you focus and direction. 

Your business coach should also know what you’re capable of accomplishing. If they don’t, they might not be a good fit. Your coach shouldn’t be piling things on when you can’t possibly manage everything they throw at you, nor should they underestimate you and give you too little. 

8. They Keep You on Track

By yourself, keeping track of what needs to be done can be challenging. It’s easy to push things off that you don’t really feel like doing or that appear too difficult. 

If you’re the only one keeping an eye on you, you can easily get away with not doing the things you really need to be doing. In the end, you don’t just hurt yourself. You also hurt your people, your business, and your odds of success.

A top-notch business coach helps you create a plan and holds you accountable for it. Rather than letting you slide and push off difficult tasks, they’ll check to make sure you’re doing what you need to do to succeed. By holding you accountable, a business coach keeps you on track. 

9. They Want to See You Succeed

Above all, your business coach should want to see you succeed. They’ll provide you with the knowledge, the tools, and the advice you need to reach your goals and grow your business. They won’t let you flounder. Instead, they’ll be with you on your journey, offering motivational tips, advice, and support along the way.

BONUS: Remember, it’s not the coach’s job to tell you want to do. They will help you figure that out, then support you in your decisions, actions and celebrate your results!‌

Is Having A Business Coach Worth It?

Not all business coaches are of equal caliber. In addition to the nine characteristics we just discussed, you’ll want to make sure that you’ll be able to get along with the business coach you choose. That can make developing a working relationship much easier. You’ll gain a great professional partner, new friend, and someone with whom you can share your successes. 

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