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My clients often confide in me about things they simply cannot share with anyone else (for various reasons) and because of this, I get to know them on a level most don’t. I take my role as a trusted advisor very seriously, and with that comes longtime-relationships with the people I’ve worked with.

So, I was honored when David Wallach — a former client of mine — asked me to join him on his podcast (not once, but twice!) because of the impact I’ve had on his life. I’ve known him for quite some time now and we’ve developed a very strong bond working together over the years.

David’s podcast Taking Care of Business offers a deeper understanding of the steps you can take to develop personal and professional success. In his podcast, he introduces leaders from various industries, diving into their backgrounds, and the hurdles they’ve overcome to be successful.

The first time I had the privilege of joining David on his podcast, I was interviewing him. He invited me on the show to help introduce him to his listeners on the very first episode.

On this episode, however, the tables are turned.

David reached back out to me hoping to share the value that a coach/client relationship could bring.

Listen along as we talk about entrepreneurship and how success can be guided and influenced by coaches, support systems, and mentors. David even touches on how his own success and what he believes inspired it.

“Taking Care of Business” Key Takeaways You’ll Want to Hear

  • 11:20 – Hear more about the moments that get me up every day, why I do what I do. Then see what it’s like to be a new client of mine and what you could expect before we ever even meet.
  • 20:20 – We talk about the unfortunate amount of organizations who have lofty core values hanging on a wall somewhere, but aren’t practicing them. I explain how I might go about helping clients better define their core values through your “No” list, and how it all plays an important role in your hiring process.
  • 30:20 — The topic of KPIs (key performance indicators) pops up and we talk about the difference between lagging and leading indicators as well as why you need a balance of both.
  • 41:00 – Learn the difference between coaching and consulting, which of the two I do, and the process a new client of mine will go through from the moment we meet.

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