Leaders Should Stop Sweating Success and Start Creating Significance

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Ken Larson

I’ve noticed in myself and many others that the trajectory of our focus changes as we enter our forties.

Our hope for success shifts toward a need to feel significant.

However, this mental state doesn’t mean you’ve given up. In fact, it’s usually a natural, positive, neurological breakthrough. 


Why Does This Mentality Switch Happen?

As we grow, we develop an understanding of our true “circle.” This typically isn’t comprised of our clients, but rather our friends and family.

As we become accustomed to clients and customers offering money for our products and services, we begin to need more. Even though this financial success has granted us (and those we care about) the money we need to survive and succeed, there’s an itch that still needs to be scratched.

What’s the difference between success and significance? 

How Much You Have vs. How Much You Give


Success is typically defined by those who’ve found it as a healthy combination of respect and wealth.

  • While success is earned and requires vast amounts of energy and effort to gain, it largely depends on external forces like the economy, technology, and public interpretation. Our actions and hard work have resulted in our own success.

Significance is typically defined by how much we’ve given.

  • Significance requires similar amounts of energy and effort, but it’s a more targeted approach. We focus our time and love on specific people without the expectation of some sort of monetary return.


How To Start Seeking Significance

  • Start with one person – See how you can create a significant impact on one individual without worrying about any type of transaction.
  • Start Volunteering – Once you understand the significance through the thankfulness of that first individual, use those same skills to develop significance in other areas.


How to Promote the Path to Significance Within the Workplace

You, as a business leader, can help instill a need for personal growth at the workplace.

If you’re on a similar trajectory, it helps your employees feel that they too can utilize some time for significance rather than success.

This shift boosts morale and elevates employee retention.


“People are at their largest, noblest, and most virtuous when they connect with and support a cause larger than themselves.”


Start Seeking Significance Today

At Champion PSI, we focus on thought leadership on an individual level for business leaders in Calgary and the rest of North America. So if you need help learning how to create and grow significance, let’s talk! 

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