Executive Coaching in Ottawa

Executive coaching is a method of assisting executives to sharpen their skills, increase their knowledge and competencies so they can be more successful in their professional roles. Through providing valuable feedback, guidance, and support, executive coaches work with leaders to identify, weaknesses and areas for development Ultimately, this process will help the executive create an action plan that will enable them to reach their desired goals, and improve performance.


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What To Expect From Our Executive Coaches in Ottawa:

Effective Communication

Executive coaching can help executives recognize their impact in various scenarios, as well as better manage challenging conversations by supplying them with techniques to effectively listen to those around them and communicate their message succinctly.

More Revenue

Let us come together and discover the most effective strategies for attaining success and open a world of countless possibilities as well as remarkable accomplishments. By joining forces, we can take advantage of these opportunities to reach our highest potential. It is within our grasp if we are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to succeed.

Setting Clear Goals

We can help you create realistic objectives and devise an effective plan to achieve them. Additionally, we will identify any habits, mindsets, or behaviors that might be hindering your success and provide you with strategies to overcome them.

Support System

Executives can benefit from coaching to improve their communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, time management and career development abilities Through working with a coach, they can gain valuable wisdom and advice on how to best pursue their ambitions within the company. Coaching helps individuals reach their goals faster and more effectively.

Strategy Creation

A successful outcome for the organization is the goal of both the executive coach and leader. Working in partnership, they will create an action plan including strategies which can be put into practice to reach these goals. This collaborative approach guarantees progress towards success.

Purposeful Productivity

Create a strategy that takes advantage of available resources to arrange and prioritize tasks on a daily basis, optimizing time for optimal productivity.

reaching goals with executive coaching

How To Become A Better Leader in Ottawa

Schedule A Call

Every leader's journey and needs are unique. We will take the time to get to know you and your situation to make sure we are a right fit for you. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

Plan & Execute

Collectively, we will identify problems, develop strategies, and execute those plans. Through our meetings you'll set goals and work towards solving challenges.

See The Results

Success ultimately comes from tracking progress and continuously making changes to achieve your coals. Together we will help you stay accountable by measuring performance.

Who We've Worked With

We’ve been working with CEOs, Executives, and Business Owners in many places, like Ottawa, for 30 years and have delivered world class Executive coaching  services to hundreds of businesses, including the following:

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What People Are Saying

Ken Larson invited me to sit as a Trusted Advisor committee member for his TEC group. Ken's expertise in facilitating the collaborative workings of this group is worth noting. We have developed to being a supportive group of experts who are more than willing to go the extra mile for each other. It's always a pleasure working with you, Ken!
Gail Daniels
Certified Executive Coach, Consultant & Facilitator
Ken understands the business world. He learns the business from the bottom up and at the same time works with the CEO from the top down. He helps get employees and management on the same page, share the same values, mission and action plan to move the organization from Good to Great. With his help we were able to weather the 2009 financial storm without losing any employees or business. On the contrary we were able to grow and hire during the downturn in economy. He is my career and business coach.
David Wallach
President/Founder, Triumph Real Estate Investment Fund
I have been working with Ken for the past 5 years as my personal business coach. I have found his frank approach and discipline at keeping me on task and accountable to in valuable as we work to get the right people in the right places.
Jerry Gunn
CEO, Precision Giant Systems Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Executive Coaching in Ottawa

Executive coaching helps executives and managers reach their highest possible potential in the workplace. Through this process, individuals can identify areas needing refinement and build strategies to achieve their desired objectives. As a result, these individuals are better able to face professional obstacles and boost their overall performance.

Executive coaching is an invaluable tool for business leaders of all levels, regardless if they are seeking to reach the highest echelons of success or simply improve their own performance. Influential and successful executives have taken advantage of executive coaching services to help them achieve their goals, demonstrating the importance and effectiveness of this service.

Executive coaching involves having conversations to gain insight into your individual goals. Once we evaluate your needs, we will work together to set clear objectives and develop a plan to reach them. As you progress towards your goals, we will provide support and direction to keep you on the right track.

Executive coaching can be extremely advantageous, providing individuals with new perspectives on their experiences, improved communication skills, and a heightened understanding of excellence. Additionally, it allows executives to develop strategies for success and better balance their professional and personal lives. By taking advantage of the benefits of executive coaching offers, you can become an even more successful leader.

The fee for an executive coach may differ depending on his/her level of experience, qualifications and training. Furthermore, certain coaches may have distinctive fees based on the services and approach they offer. It is common to find packages or discounts covering multiple meetings with such professionals.

A good executive coach should be patient, honest and encouraging when supporting their clients to identify, articulate and achieve their goals. It is important for them to remain understanding as change can take time to happen. These qualities are key for a successful coaching relationship.  By providing personalized feedback with an empathetic attitude, clients can gain the motivation they need to reach their desired results.

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