Stuart Trier

Stuart Trier is an entrepreneur turned investor & coach.

His first steps as an entrepreneur started as a side hustle while he was also working a corporate job at 3M. His initial investment of $5000 in the business would eventually turn into nearly 8 million per year in revenue in less than three years. After successfully selling that business he moved on to invest in a small foot care clinic. Through strategic planning and hard work, Stuart was able to grow this business from 1 to 28 clinics in only 12 months, which he would then sell to a public company.

Stuart then entered his second phase working as an executive at a public health care company. The company would ultimately be taken private, and then sold to a fortune 15 company for a 9 figure exit.

Stuart’s next venture was in digital marketing, where he built a Marketing Agency from 0 to 80 SMB clients. It was during this venture that Stuart realized his passion and skill for not just running a business, but growing them. Stuart decided to sell the Marketing Agency and move into coaching & consulting where he could put his skill to use helping rapidly growing businesses realize their goals.

Stuart has the unique ability to help successful entrepreneurs take their BIG visions and goals to the next level. Stuart is able to simplify goals, break them down into practical action items, and assist teams with executing those items quickly and efficiently.

With Stuart’s depth of knowledge and experience, he can quickly assess the strategic capabilities his clients would need in order to collapse the time required for the business to realise their goals. His passion and skill for growing businesses is evident in his work.

Stuart has been married to the woman of his dreams for 14 years, they have two children together along with a goldendoodle.