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Ken Larson helps leaders fearlessly navigate toward their boldest vision.

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Ken Larson is an international speaker, corporate trainer, team facilitator, human performance consultant, and Certified Executive Coach (RRU) who delivers high-impact keynote presentations and Scaling Up methodologies to leaders across North America.

Companies and audiences of all sizes can learn exactly how to create sustainable growth that might currently seem out of reach through sharply-focused presentations on business strategy, inspirational leadership, productivity, and high performing teams and cultures.

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Creating a Contagious Culture of High Performance

Motivation is passé. That’s why Ken Larson doesn’t believe in it as a performance enhancement tactic. There is nothing that he, or anyone for that matter, can do or say that will motivate anyone with any sort of lasting results. However, when inspired individuals infect inspired teams, great things start to happen. Then it’s just a matter of creating high-performing communication and accountability systems. Learn how to embed Inspirationship™ into your organization with this unique, fun, fast-paced and high energy keynote presentation.

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Rob Duthie, the President & CEO of 3D-P, speaks about how his company revamped their purpose, mission, and vision through Ken’s guidance.

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