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The world we are currently living in is unique to say the least. Business leaders, such as yourself, are having to make major decisions, whether good or bad, with uncharted magnitude in unreasonable amounts of time. That’s a lot of weight on your shoulders.

As your Executive Coach, it’s my responsibility to be there for YOU and your team, in total confidence, to help get the clarity, focus, and direction you need in these uncertain times. You don’t have to do this alone. Face it… You can’t!

Ken Larson
CEO & Executive Coach
Champion PSI

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with Executive Coach, Ken Larson

This is not a sales call. This is YOUR call to talk about the challenges YOU are facing today. This is your chance to open up fully and completely in total confidence. I’m here to help YOU!

Executive Coaching Is More Than Just Business. It’s About YOU!

One of my favorite sayings is “how can you be in position if you aren’t in position”? I learned this lesson a long time ago from my Canadian National Basketball team coach. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, then how can you take care of anything else? This is the core of my philosophy. Here’s what you can expect when you work with me, both personally and professionally:

Increased Performance

We’ll uncover and help you eliminate habits and patterns that either get in your way or are under-utilized.

More Revenue

I will help you establish your best courses of action that will result in the greatest rewards and profits.

Goal Definition

Defining business and personal goals isn’t always simple. I will offer you unbiased perspective, outside expertise, and most importantly – A SOLID PLAN!


You’re busy. I will be there to hold you accountable and to get you back on track when your team has lost sight of the goal!

Strategy Creation

I will provide honest observations to help you reflect on, select, and refine strategies. This enhances productivity and inspires a proactive environment.

Purposeful Productivity

Together, will create consistent checkpoints for ranking, refining, and prioritize daily tasks, implementing appropriate timeframes.

Deeper Awareness

I will get to know you and understand you on a level very few people in your life can. This helps you establish goals that will create the greatest impact for you and your business.

Better Team Results

Working with me involves thinking about and answering questions designed to help you prioritize your challenges in as many ways as possible.

When You Hire Me, Here’s What Your Personalized Experience Includes:


One-to-one engagement meetings are scheduled with you in your preferred online environment.


During our initial online meeting, you’ll meet with me for 1 to 1 ½ hours. We’ll discuss your strengths and goals, and we’ll determine areas of weakness and improvement. We’ll then create an execution plan.


Together, we’ll establish an ideal cadence for necessary meetings, whether it’s for the individual or the team. A concrete executive coaching schedule depends entirely on your goals and needs, but you can expect bi-weekly meetings.

About Your Executive Coach, Ken Larson

I’ve been working with CEOs and Executives for 25 years and have delivered world class executive coaching services to hundreds of businesses, including the following:

What My Clients Are Saying

Ken Larson Business Coach
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Ken was instrumental in assisting our organization define a strong culture which is deeply rooted in everything we do today. Ken also facilitates a "Life Coaching for Fitness Professionals" program that is one of the best received courses on our schedule. We have had many employees take the course more than once. I would recommend Ken to assist with a company looking to build a strong people related culture.
Scott Wildeman
Sr. VP Operations, International Fitness Holdings Inc
For me and my team, working with Ken Larson has been a transformational experience inside our organization. He is a strategic thinker, with a focus on accountability and bottom line results.
Brian Taylor
Chairman, CEO, Board Member & Investor
Champion Performance Systems was a game changer for me. Connecting with Ken Larson shifted me from being unsure as to what was ahead as a new leader, to confidently creating a path for leadership and establishing a clear direction. I appreciated every moment.
Jeanne Weis
Chief Executive Officer, College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta

What Are You Waiting For? Start Making YOUR Best Decisions NOW!

Get started by scheduling a 30 minute phone call with me. Again, this is not a sales call. This is your call to talk about the challenges you are facing today. This is your chance to open up fully and completely in total confidence. I’m here to help you!


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