Business Coaching in Winnipeg

Business coaching can be tremendously beneficial for businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry. A knowledgeable coach helps business owners create plans for both short-term and long-term objectives, uncovering areas of potential growth. In addition, they provide guidance in developing a roadmap to success as well as leadership skills such as communication, problem-solving and team building. This can give a business owner the tools to become more efficient and maximize their chances of success. Business coaching is beneficial for people from all walks of life with varying levels of experience.


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What To Expect From Our Business Coaches in Winnipeg:

Increased Performance

Gain the confidence to reach your goals by becoming more mindful of any bad habits that might be preventing you from succeeding. Focus on building positive habits and learn how to effectively overcome any challenges that come your way.

More Revenue

We are about to start an exploration to discover the most effective methods for achieving amazing success and profits through business coaching.

Goal Definition

Together, we will gain a fresh outlook, access external resources, and develop a plan for reaching our objectives. Our aim is to advance our business and work together to discover imaginative solutions and possibilities.


You and your team may need extra support to stay on track and achieve your goals. We can provide the necessary guidance, helping you remain accountable so that success is within reach. Let us be the backbone of your team, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Together, we will ensure success.

Strategy Creation

We will provide you with honest feedback to encourage self-reflection, helping you select and refine strategies that boost productivity and support a forward-thinking mindset.

Purposeful Productivity

Collaborate to develop an efficient strategy for managing and ranking daily tasks, making the best use of time and achieving maximum efficiency.

Deeper Awareness

Tap into our expertise to create meaningful goals that will benefit your business and yourself. Establish a deep connection that goes beyond the superficial and unlocks your true potential. Aim higher with our help and exceed all expectations.

Better Team Results

By collaborating, we can gain a better understanding of different perspectives and come up with an effective plan to reach your objectives. Through meaningful conversations, we can identify your goals and create the best approach for achieving them. Let's work together to make it happen!

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Growing Your Business in Winnipeg

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We are committed to understanding your unique business journey and needs. We will invest the time needed to make sure we can provide the best possible service fit for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Set Goals & Define Strategy

We will guide you to ensure that your company is in line with your vision. With Champion at your side, you will take constant strides towards achieving your business objectives.

Measure Performance

Measuring performance is essential to track the progress of your business. Utilizing KPIs can help create a sense of responsibility and pinpoint potential areas for further development. With this data, you can evaluate your business's growth and make changes accordingly.

Who We've Worked With

We’ve been working with CEOs, Executives, and Business Owners in many places, like Winnipeg, for 30 years and have delivered world class Business coaching  services to hundreds of businesses, including the following:

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What People Are Saying

The members of the SHCA are very passionate about the work they do! Everyone knows that in Saskatchewan, "if the earth moved, it was us!" Ken's presentation on inspiring your employees instead of simply settling for momentary motivation really resonated with many in the room. Ken's ability to connect with his audience through his personal stories really takes the listener to the next level and forces you to take a look at areas you want to improve upon personally, and/or professionally. We'd definately use Ken again for another event and/or one on one coaching! He's a top quality presenter!!
Shantel Lipp
President, Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association
Ken facilitates transformational learning. He doesn’t provide answers; he simply asks the right questions. You walk away with a better understanding of yourself.
Sean McLean
Conroy Ross Partners
Ken is a winner-- a dynamic, knowledgeable and professional executive coach. His dedication, training, education and experience has lead him to be an excellent communicator, motivator and educator. He has helped me focus and achieve what’s important not only in business but in life. Thanks Ken.
Michael Hooper
Owner, Fiberbuilt Manufacturing Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Coaching in Winnipeg

Business coaching  is a process of assisting business leaders in reaching their established objectives. Through this process, coaches help their clients develop strategies, establish attainable goals, recognize potential growth areas, devise action plans, and remain accountable as they work to reach their desired outcomes.

Business coaching is a great asset for business leaders looking to maximize their potential. A coach can help establish achievable goals, while offering support and advice to navigate any hindrances along the way. They provide guidance and clarity in order to develop an effective vision of the desired outcome – enabling managers to work towards it with assurance. A business coach will offer useful insights and mentoring to help business leaders reach their goals. With the right coach, businesses can improve their odds of success and thrive beyond their wildest expectations.

Business coaching is a valuable asset for any type of business. Entrepreneurs, startups, healthcare providers, educational settings, charities and large corporations have all benefited from engaging the services of coaches in order to meet their objectives and enhance their operations.

Business coaching typically involves helping clients identify their goals, develop various strategies to reach those goals, and then provide ongoing guidance, support, and accountability as they work toward achieving them. A successful coach should be able to help a client assess their current situation and come up with an effective plan for moving forward.

When selecting a business coach, it’s important to research their experience and expertise in order to ensure they can provide helpful advice. Look into their past successes in helping entrepreneurs reach their goals, as well as if they have knowledge about your industry and any issues you’re facing. Additionally, evaluate the coach’s methods and see how they can help you develop new strategies and tactics.

Business coaching is a worthwhile investment for any company seeking to achieve its desired objectives. The cost of this service may vary depending on the level of services offered and the expertise of the coach. By crafting a personalized plan that meets your individual requirements, you can ensure the greatest potential benefit from your coaching experience and maximize your return on investment.

The objectives of business coaching and executive coaching are similar in some respects, but there are also distinct differences between them. Business coaching is more focused on improving the performance of an entire organization whereas executive coaching concentrates on helping individuals to develop and grow professionally. Both approaches can be extremely beneficial for people in numerous ways.

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