Executive Coaching in Canada

Executive coaching is a method that assists business leaders in expanding their professional development, effectiveness, and expertise. Utilizing feedback, guidance, and support, executives gain insight into their work strengths and weaknesses, allowing for the development of an actionable plan aimed at continuous improvement to reach their goals. The ultimate objective is to improve the executive’s performance and capabilities such that they become valuable contributors to organizational development and achieving its broader strategic objectives.


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What To Expect From Our Executive Coaches in Canada:

Effective Communication

Executive coaching can enhance an executive's interpersonal skills, enabling them to identify how their communication is perceived by others in various situations. It provides executives with the necessary tools to manage challenging conversations by fostering active listening skills.

More Revenue

Join forces with us as we search for the most potent ways to reach success and unlock a universe of boundless possibilities and impressive advancements.

Setting Clear Goals

Executive coaching is valuable for improving an executive's ability to connect with others, by helping them understand how their communication is received in different scenarios. This coaching equips executives with the necessary strategies for navigating difficult discussions, by cultivating their ability to listen attentively.

Support System

The implementation of executive coaching can serve as a beneficial support system for individuals seeking guidance with respect to their career advancement and/or skill development within the organization.

Strategy Creation

Through a collaborative effort, the executive coach and leader will develop a plan to attain the organization's objectives. They will work together to create and execute strategies aimed at achieving these goals. By working in tandem, they can guarantee that advancements are made towards the attainment of success.

Purposeful Productivity

Formulate a strategy that utilizes existing resources to efficiently prioritize and arrange daily responsibilities, allowing for optimal use of time and improved effectiveness.

reaching goals with executive coaching

How To Become A Better Leader in Canada

Schedule A Call

We recognize that each leader's experience and requirements are distinctive. We will dedicate the necessary time to comprehend your circumstance to verify we are suitable for your needs. If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to ask.

Plan & Execute

As a team, we will recognize issues, devise tactics, and carry out those arrangements. During our sessions, you will establish objectives and endeavor to resolve obstructions.

See The Results

Achievement stems from monitoring advancement and persistently adjusting approaches to meet your objectives. We will cooperate to ensure you remain responsible by evaluating your performance.

Who We've Worked With

We’ve been working with CEOs, Executives, and Business Owners in many places, like Canada, for 30 years and have delivered world class Executive coaching  services to hundreds of businesses, including the following:

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What People Are Saying

I have been working with Ken for the past 5 years as my personal business coach. I have found his frank approach and discipline at keeping me on task and accountable to in valuable as we work to get the right people in the right places.
Jerry Gunn
CEO, Precision Giant Systems Inc.
Ken Larson invited me to sit as a Trusted Advisor committee member for his TEC group. Ken's expertise in facilitating the collaborative workings of this group is worth noting. We have developed to being a supportive group of experts who are more than willing to go the extra mile for each other. It's always a pleasure working with you, Ken!
Gail Daniels
Certified Executive Coach, Consultant & Facilitator
I lead a COO group in Calgary and we welcome a new speaker each month to share some relevant topics with us in a limited time. Ken was a stand out from the last few years for sure! He is one of the few who scored highly from all members on his passion for his material, the level of the content and his skill and expertise to deliver the content in a meaningful way. We loved what he shared so much we bought the book and are using it as a discussion point at our annual retreat. I would highly recommend bringing Ken into your group of leaders to shift their thinking and truly understand the simple and powerful steps for execution.
Aly Pain
Professional Speaker, The Conflict Coach

Frequently Asked Questions About Executive Coaching in Canada

Executive coaching is utilized to assist leaders and managers in realizing their full potential within a work environment. By collaborating with a coach, individuals can recognize aspects requiring improvement and establish effective strategies aimed at accomplishing set goals. The ultimate outcome is an individual better equipped to manage professional obstacles, leading to elevated performance.

Executive coaching offers substantial benefits to individuals in leadership positions, irrespective of their job performance. It can be instrumental in supporting top-level executives in their pursuit to achieve greater success, as well as assisting managers in enhancing their own efficiency. Distinguished and accomplished executives have long utilized executive coaching services to accomplish their objectives. This proves that executive coaching is an essential resource for business leaders at every level.

Executive coaching commences with dialogs to understand your specific requirements. With this knowledge, we can work together to generate goals and tactics to accomplish them. As you progress in fulfilling these objectives, we will offer assistance and advice to help you remain focused and on target.

Executive coaching is capable of greatly enhancing performance in several ways. It leads to fresh perspectives on experiences, enhances communication skills, and instills a culture of excellence. Apart from this, it helps executives develop strategies for success and effectively manage their personal and professional lives. Attaining these advantages of executive coaching enables individuals to become even more accomplished leaders.

The expense of an executive coach may fluctuate depending on their level of expertise, experience, and training background. Furthermore, it is crucial to note that certain coaches may charge varying fees based on the services and approach they provide. Moreover, numerous executive coaches offer discounted packages for multiple sessions.

An effective executive coach offers customized assistance to their clients, aiding in the identification, communication, and fulfillment of their goals. They must display patience as progress may take time to materialize. Furthermore, they should provide honest feedback while remaining encouraging throughout the process. These characteristics are integral to build a successful coaching practice.

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