Strategic Planning & Execution Training

Build a strategic plan with the focus required for the intended results

Most traditional strategic plans are too lengthy, complicated, and lack a real connection between strategy and execution. They often turn into “shelf help” (they look good up there), but our mission is to ensure you have a strategic plan that puts you in a position to effectively execute and to drive the results you seek.

What To Expect

The core curriculum of this service is based on the “One Page Strategic Plan” created by Verne Harnish in Mastering the Rockefeller Habits (2002).

Through research and performance analysis, we’ll customize the approach to your needs. Then we begin teaching, facilitating, and training leaders and their teams to not only create their one-page strategic plan (OPSP), but also how to implement and optimize it.

The OPSP template is ideal for most clients, but we’ve found that customization is critical for quicker, more effective results. Recognizing this, we have redesigned it in a format that is easily altered to suit the needs, situation, and goals of each client.

Some of the components of a well thought out one page strategic plan are:
  • Core Values
  • Core Competencies
  • Purpose
  • Big Hairy Audacious Goal™
  • Strengths, Weaknesses & Trends
  • Daily Consistent Actions
  • Brand Promise
  • Key Thrusts and Initiatives
  • Key Targets
  • Big Rocks
  • Critical Leading and Lagging Indicators
  • Accountabilities
  • "By no means is the Scaling Up methodology the only resource we access and utilize. Through our alliance with Gazelles International we access a wide range of authors, experts, resources, exercises, tools, systems and process. The key, of course, is to determine what our clients need and when. This adds specific depth to our customization process. All Champion Coaches are Certified by Gazelles International. We have an extensive continuous learning and recertification process (second only to medical doctors) that ensures we are up to speed and ahead of our clientele and competition."

    Ken Larson
    Ken Larson Champion Performance Systems, Inc. / President & Head Coach
Scaling Up

The One Page Strategic Plan

If you unaware of this toolset, we encourage you to go to or and to purchase and read “Scaling Up” (2014), Verne and his team’s  greatly evolved and enhanced version. Scaling Up is the next iteration of this school of thought with an even broad range of ever-evolving and advancing exercises, tools, systems and processes.

NOTE: We require all prospective clients to read and absorb this book prior to launching the training process.

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What People Are Saying

  • Ken Larson has an outstanding grasp of what is required to develop solid business practices that have the potential of moving a company forward. His enthusiasm and focus bring results.

    Andreas Cordsen Solution Design & Modeling Business Manager, WesternGeco
  • Ken was my executive coach almost ten years ago. He has an ability to engage and motivate individuals as well as remain totally supportive. He stuck with me through thick and thin while I was challenged with some serious health issues while managing a large Not-For-Profit organization with huge stresses and responsibilities. His foresight and personal experiences are the gifts he brings to any conversation. I still call on Ken whenever I need a coach and am in need of some honesty and compassion.

    Alana Newton Leadership Coach, Connect Now Business Network
  • Take a former business professor, add a new venture start-up, then add a high performance executive coach like Ken Larson to help the professor become a national company president. I credit Ken Larson and my TEC membership with fast-forwarding GoForth Institute's success. I would have gotten "there" on my own - but I got "there" alot faster with Ken's help.

    Leslie McGeough President & Founder, GoForth Institute
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