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We’ve created and assembled a unique package of world-class assessments and information designed to upgrade your leadership skills and your organizational efforts. It’s time for your business to scale.

What You Can Expect

We launch the business performance analysis process through conversations and assessments of you and your team’s leaders. Getting to know you, your team, and your business allows us to deliver results as effectively and efficiently as possible. Your time is important. We won’t waste it.



Four Decisions™

Good decisions equal success. There are four crucial decisions related to your business that you must confront properly. If you don’t, you risk leaving significant revenue, profit, and time on the table. These four decisions center around people, strategy, execution, and cash. Through this process, we reference tactics discussed by Verne Harnish in his book, “Scaling Up.”

Leadership Trademark Inventory™

By understanding your leadership quotient, you’ll have a firm grip on which leadership skills you possess, and which ones you could improve upon. Which positions do you need to hire for? What skills do you already have? By using our extensive leadership coaching experience, as well as the information gathered from our partnership with FranklinCovey, we can determine your next steps.

Predictive Index Assessment™

The goal of this behavioral assessment is to determine an employee’s future value based on their work skills. Understand exactly how your current and future employees work and relate to one another within the company. With the Predictive Index Assessment, we’ll help you determine the behaviors that skyrocket workplace performance.

Trust Quotient Inventory™

Are you trying to hire high-performing, trustworthy employees? The Trust Quotient tool helps measure and evaluate the trustworthiness of team members, departments, and entire organizations. As a leader, you need to understand not only who is trustworthy, but why they’re trustworthy. By utilizing our executive training experience, as well as the information gathered from our partnership with FranklinCovey, we’ll help you figure it out.

Opposite Strengths Assessment™

Understand your personal strengths and weaknesses. With the opposite strengths assessment, you can get a firm grip on how to flex to your teammates’ personalities. Are you a listener? Are you an objective thinker? Are you a coordinator? Let’s find out.

Administrative Effectiveness

This assessment helps you determine your administrative effectiveness in terms of control and responsibility. We’ll help you determine which of the four quadrants you reside within, and we’ll provide you with an instructional, personal guide-list that will help move you to your preferred quadrant.

Rockefeller Habits Checklist™

We provide you with a business growth checklist that will help you determine your next actionable, feasible steps. Through this checklist referenced by Verne Harnish in his book, “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits,” we’ll determine how quickly and precisely communication spreads through your organization, how accountability is distributed, and much more.

Multipliers Assessment™

How much work are your employees proudly completing successfully? Are you unknowingly diminishing their efforts and inspiration? Through this assessment, we’ll determine how you should be interacting with your high-performing employees to yield the best performance results. The information and tactics utilized in this assessment are based on the book “Multipliers,” by Liz Weisman.


What People Are Saying

Ken did an exceptional job as our facilitator. We came away with a clear sense of direction and most importantly, we became a team.
Susan Klassen
Grant MacEwan College
Ken is a winner-- a dynamic, knowledgeable and professional executive coach. His dedication, training, education and experience has lead him to be an excellent communicator, motivator and educator. He has helped me focus and achieve what’s important not only in business but in life. Thanks Ken.
Michael Hooper
Owner, Fiberbuilt Manufacturing Inc.
Ken Larson invited me to sit as a Trusted Advisor committee member for his TEC group. Ken's expertise in facilitating the collaborative workings of this group is worth noting. We have developed to being a supportive group of experts who are more than willing to go the extra mile for each other. It's always a pleasure working with you, Ken!
Gail Daniels
Certified Executive Coach, Consultant & Facilitator

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