How Do Businesses Survive in Tough Times? Scaling Up, Down, Over, Through, or Back

2020 has been stressful and laden with uncertainty, especially for business leaders who are trying to adapt to the landscape of this pandemic both personally and professionally. And it ain’t over yet!!! The complexity of the business landscape has increased, and so has the depth. The highs are higher and the lows are lower. We’re […]

31 Big Questions About Business Coaching & Executive Coaching Answered

Whether you’re a seasoned corporate executive, a business owner, or a budding entrepreneur, you’re busy. But whether you make hundreds of dollars or millions of dollars, there are always more steps to climb before you reach optimal business performance. Utilizing the coaching tools offered by a seasoned business or executive coach can help you skyrocket […]

How To PAVE Your Way to Better Meetings

Far too many meetings are destined to deteriorate well in advance, and mostly by default. Use the “PAVE” approach & acronym to understand how to properly prepare for quick, high value, and fun “do-it-and-get-out” meetings with the right people.

What’s the Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience?

Our world is tired of service. We now crave experiences. In the obstacle-laden world of customer service, everyone’s expectations are constantly changing.  This “service expectation” is usually set by a genius executive that drives their team in the right direction, and most other businesses struggle to keep up.  For the majority of companies, the gap […]

Are Weekly Check-Ins are Important When Executing Business Strategy?

Unbeknownst to many, there are two different Norths: Geographical North & Magnetic North. They’re similar, but they’re a couple of degrees off from one another. Why does this matter? Following one is much different (and much more difficult) than following the other.   Think of your Magnetic North as “Society.” The heavy, strong-armed influence that […]

Leaders Should Stop Sweating Success and Start Creating Significance

As we become accustomed to clients and customers offering money for our products and services, we begin to need more. Even though this financial success has granted us (and those we care about) the money we need to survive and succeed, there’s an itch that still needs to be scratched.

Does the “Player-Coach” Model Work in Team Meetings?

The Player-Coach Model Doesn’t Work in a Team Meeting Environment, and that’s exactly why you need an external facilitator. If you’re a leader, you know that you can’t be everywhere and everyone at once, even though you’d like to be (and you’ve certainly tried). How’s that working for you? You want to watch the work […]

The Funny Thing About Humor in the Workplace

Humor works. No, we’re not joking! Understanding each other’s sense of humor is absolutely critical when attempting to establish clear, concise communication systems and processes.  Once you can successfully relate to your teammates with sarcasm and humor, you’ve established a relationship of understanding that can be utilized both personally and professionally.  Now you can pepper […]

Goal Setting is for Couch Potatoes

Turn off the T.V. Get on the treadmill. Then continue reading this. If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, it starts with you. And If you’re just setting the goal, it’s a good start. But you’re a couch potato until you do something about it. Low accountability and responsibility yields low […]