Nish Sampath - Fractional COO and Executive Coach for Champion Performance Systems, Inc

Nish Sampath

Nish’s successful career as an Operations and Technology Executive has spanned diverse sectors, including Management Consulting, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Supply Chain Management, and the budding Cannabis industry. With a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science and Business, he expertly combines traditional project management with Agile Development principles to foster execution excellence in various companies.

As a seasoned leader, Nish excels in guiding teams through complex business environments. His role as a Fractional COO centers on elevating operational success in small to mid-sized businesses. He adeptly implements Scaling Up education methodologies, helping teams simplify processes, prioritize effectively, and execute with vigor. His strategic approach to people management, strategy formulation, execution, and cash flow ensures sustainable growth and success for the businesses he collaborates with.

Nish’s hands-on involvement in companies, working alongside leadership teams, enables him to effectively spearhead improvement processes from within the company itself. His deep operational insights, combined with leadership coaching and execution support, significantly enhance organizational performance.

In his capacity as an Executive Coach with the Venture Mentor Society of Alberta (VMSA), Nish mentors emerging CEOs, assisting them in navigating the complexities of business scaling and the associated personal and professional challenges.

Additionally, Nish contributes as a Strategic Advisor in the University of Calgary’s SPARK Health Tech Startup program and has consulted for AGE-WELL, a Canadian network focused on technology for healthy aging. These roles underscore his commitment to fostering innovation and growth in scaling businesses.